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About Gridiron

Look, we’ll cut to the chase. There are a hundred different ways for you to get your favorite school or team’s logo on some flimsy hunk of metal. Heck, you can get some of them for less than twenty bucks with free shipping, dented and delivered to your door by drivers who have to pee in plastic bottles.

But when you want to up your tailgate game, there’s a better way. And it’s less gross, too.

Gridiron makes metal homegoods for the college superfan. Our officially licensed grilling and decor products are made with high-quality steel and precision lasers, so you can do your alma mater proud for years to come.

Derrick Dilts

Proud husband to Emily and a father of 3, Derrick loves craftsmanship and his alma mater Purdue. The son of a craftsman, Derrick shares his lifelong passion for creating with his kids and the world through Gridiron.
Alma Mater: Purdue University
What he brings to the tailgate: Lawry’s Season Salt and some IPAs
Words of wisdom: “Stop thinking. Let things happen. And be. The ball.”

Paul Sadler

Lifelong Lafayette area native, Paul is the design ninja at Gridiron. When he’s not on the computer doing designery things, he enjoys getting his hands dirty with projects around the house, playing golf, cooking and blasting obnoxious heavy metal.
Alma Mater: Ball State University
What he brings to the tailgate: Bourbon and amazing calves
Words of wisdom: “You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle. But you can’t win much, either.”

Dalani Young

A proud Purdue alum, Dalani is the social butterfly at Gridiron. On the rare occasion when she’s not talking, she’s either eating or sleeping. Outside the Gridiron walls she enjoys spending time with family and friends on the water or on the golf course.
Alma Mater: Purdue University
What she brings to the tailgate: Cucumbers and onions in vinegar and beer
Words of wisdom: “Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.”


Governess of Welding


Laser Guru


CAD Lead

Started from the “bottom,” now we’re here.

It all began with a bench — one with heavy rust patina and worn, barnwood planking for a seat. Derrick’s handcrafted Christmas gift wasn’t just nice on the tushy, it was a beaut, too. And it wasn’t long before the requests for more handmade gifts came flooding in.

That one gift laid the foundation for… well, all the awesome stuff you’ll find here at Gridiron. So pop a squat and take a look around, we think you’ll like what you see.

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