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Our Best Employee is a Laser

Our Best Employee is a Laser

by WP Admin

We like to think we’ve got a glut of talent here at Gridiron. Founder and CEO Derrick cooks mean bratwurst on his own custom Gridiron grill plates. Creative Director Paul’s got an impressive drive out on the golf course, with the occasional grill out. And marketing guru Dalani’s always good for a riveting anecdote.

But when it comes to the contentious Employee of the Month award here at Gridiron, there’s one worker who pulls their weight more than the rest of us combined. And tipping the scales at 7,720 pounds, that’s a helluva lotta weight to pull – and only the highest quality for our grill plates.

Without further ado, meet the brains and brawn of the Gridiron operation, the fan-favorite, the eternal Employee of the Month for now and all time: the IPG LaserCube.

Quite the looker, huh? But looks alone don’t cut it around Gridiron HQ. The LaserCube packs quite an impressive resume. It’s a high-speed, 6-kilowatt fiber laser built for precise, intricate cuts for high-quality carbon or stainless steel products.

For all you non-nerds out there, we’ll say it straight: this puppy shoots lasers — real-life, actual laser beams — at sheets of steel to make custom grill grates that would make even the choosiest grillmaster proud. The work speaks for itself.

And while the rest of us at Gridiron are diehard Boilermakers, ol’ Cubey is an equal opportunity laser cutter. Thanks to official licensing from the nation’s top universities, he’ll happily build you a custom grill grate featuring your alma mater’s logo, accurate down to one-millionth of a meter. 

It’s that kind of precision that makes a difference — and that makes the LaserCube the top banana around these parts.

Now, listen. We’re not ones to beat around the bush — there are definitely some ways the LaserCube could be a better co-worker. 

Could it be a bit quieter when we’re on the phone with clients? Sure. 

Could it take shorter bathroom breaks? Absolutely it could. 

And could it stop eating my frigging lunch out of the employee fridge that I’ve CLEARLY labeled, especially when it’s my wife’s lasagna that I’ve been looking forward to all morning? Lord, I wish it would.

But man, it’s hard to argue with the results when he gets to work. I mean, just look at this poetry in motion!

Next time you order from Gridiron, now you know who’s responsible for all the awesomeness. Our best employee is a laser — and we think you’ll agree that’s for the best when you get your hands on your grill grate.

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