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Show Us Yours, and We’ll Show You Ours. Grill Gear, That Is.

Show Us Yours, and We’ll Show You Ours. Grill Gear, That Is.


We’ve seen what others are packing out there in the grill gear department, and color us unimpressed. We think it’s high time you see what you’re missing, so let’s do a little show and tell to see what makes Gridiron gear the big man on campus for your tailgate.

Here’s what you can expect when you rely on the other guys, compared to what you’ll get when you get with Gridiron.

Grill grates: we’re into muscles

You know how on the old Superman show, he’d take a big bar of steel and twist it up like a pretzel? Well, you don’t have to be Clark Kent to bend some of our competitors’ grill grates. Just look at those stick-thin bars, and you might get the urge to do a little stress test of your own.

The fact of the matter is that if you’re a big-time griller, it’s a big-time mistake to put your trust in a flimsy grill grate. After all, it’s the only thing keeping your precious burgers medium rare instead of plummeting down to a fiery death into the charcoal.

So when our competitors’ grill grate gets all bent out of shape — and it will — pick up a Gridiron grill grate that’s fit for the Man of Steel. We use only American-made carbon and stainless steel, and you’ll know the difference when you feel it. 

Spatulas: size matters

We’re starting to feel like a broken record here, but what’s with all this grill gear made from cheap, flimsy metal? If you think we’re getting bent out of shape, just wait until you see one of these $20 spatulas get REAL bent out of shape when you try to flip over a half-pounder!

Why not make your spatula just as beefy as those beauties you’ve got sizzling on the grill? And another thing! Why settle for a narrow spatula head, unless you like being confined to the puniest of proteins?

We like our cuts of meat extra huge, so we designed a spatula that could handle them. Our spatulas are heavy-duty beasts made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, with an extra-wide head that can tackle the biggest of burgers and brats. Don’t settle for less than your appetite demands.

Chimney starter: some like it hot

When you’re playing with fire, do you really want to play with the minor leagues of chimney starters? Sure, you might think it’s safe to skimp on something that’s only going to be used before the meat hits the grill. But in our experience, a cheap chimney starter is a total non-starter.

Ever think about why those flimsy chimney starters you pick up at a hardware store have insulated handles? The obvious answer is that they’ll keep your hands from getting scorched. But the reason they’d get scorched in the first place is that heat travels right through the thin sheet metal they used to build the chimney starter.

Ours? They don’t need insulated handles. Just high-quality American oak to hold onto a hunk of food-grade stainless steel goodness. We build the walls of our chimney starters twice as thick as the ones you’re used to, so the heat doesn’t toast your delicate digits while you get your charcoal to a roaring flame.

Now that you’ve seen what Gridiron is working with, we know it’ll be hard to go back to the other guys. Fear not — our grill gear is all made right here in the USA, so we’re close to home whenever you need us. Take a look around our shop. We think you’ll like what you see.

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